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Meshugenah Hat Company, llc

meshugenah: adj. (meh/shoog/en/uh)
crazy in the head

Who's meshugenah idea was it
to give the cat a bath?

Dressing is an art form you get to do every day.....

A hat is the punctuation of an outfit.

 Who is Meshugenah?

The Meshugenah Hat Company is the work of identical twin sisters. Marcia Press and Carla Press. In 2015 they began making and marketing reversible vintage inspired hats and accessories to sell at crafts fairs and tea parties.

Their pairing of high end fabrics, trims, and accessories suggests individuality, elegance, and a touch of whimsy. In 2020 they began to translate their design aesthetic into home decor products.

Welcome to their world.

Meshugenah Hat (and mask) Co.

Dear Friends,

We are making these masks as a community service and are asking $5.00 per mask to cover our expenses and shipping costs. We are using fabrics from our inventory and cannot guarantee a particular pattern or take special requests beyond what is listed below. Masks are 100% cotton, hand washable, and double sided. One size fits most.

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Street Address:
17 Monadnock Street
Troy, NH  03465


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